The Heenan – Anderson Commission was established to examine the causes of the current levels of economic marginalization and deprivation in Northern Ireland.

Following an extensive consultation which took evidence from over 600 participants across Northern Ireland’s public, political and voluntary sectors, the Report has been published and is available as a download here.

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The status quo is not an option. In times of austerity, we must use our limited resources in a targeted, efficient way. Northern Ireland must be ambitious in its determination to tackle poverty, inequality and deprivation.

Creating prosperity is not a simple task, it requires a comprehensive response. Employers, universities, parents, schools, local councils, voluntary and community groups all need to see it as a priority.

We need leadership, at all levels, not just political, from those in society who are willing to take risks and develop innovative solutions. Northern Ireland and its people require a Vision, a road-map and a shared sense of what our future looks like – one we can all travel towards with purpose.

This Report outlines 20 key recommendations and areas for action. Let’s get the show on the road and take Northern Ireland towards a prosperous future, where no-one gets left behind.